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Cambodia is located in the transportation hub of Southeast Asia. Its core economic sector consisted of light industry, agriculture, construction and tourism. The Cambodian government has gradually increased its efforts to attract investment, gaming industry has become one of the pillar of Cambodia's emerging industries in recent years. The lotto lottery industry is the favorite among Asians.

Legal and licensed lotteries generate substantial revenue for the government and also create a new entertainment channel for the people of the country. The legitimate lottery business also provides a secure and safe betting environment.

Officially established on 1 September 2022, Nine Lotto Pte Ltd has since launched a total of 4 games, namely nine 4D, nine 3D, nine 2D and nine 6D.

Nine lotto has invested a lot of resources in technology development, security maintenance, customer service, and preferential activities and is determined to provide customers with the fairest and most transparent services. At the same time, we strive to provide agents and distributors with competitive incentive systems, profits, and indemnification.

Adhering to the caring concept of " giving back to society", the company made substantial contributions to fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards the society. Major contributions were made to charity, community sports, education, and cultural promotion. We will continue to help disadvantaged groups and will continue to participate in multiple community sports activities every year in support , and helping cultivating the country's sports programs through major donation contributions.

Nine Lotto

How does the Nine Lotto lottery work?

Starting at 7.30 pm every night, the Daily lottery drawing by Nine Lotto staff. All 23 groups of the prizes were loaded, mixed, and extracted. All electronic control can be operated by electric motor without manual hands.Lottery tickets will be drawn starting 7.30pm every night by our staff. All 23 sets of numbers are loaded, mixed, extracted, and arranged by a transparent motorized scroll wheel.

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First, Nine Lotto‘s staff will show all the live draw tools in front of the camera to assure that the draw is fair and transparent.
Nine Lotto‘s staff will press the button in front of the transparent roller.
After activating the reels, every number will be rolled out in four separate transparent placeholders to become one of the winning numbers.
The whole process of the lottery can be viewed on the Nine Lotto official website or Facebook.
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